3 Reasons to Book a Spa Day this Summer

Treating yourself to the spa day should never just be a winter indulgence; summer spa days provide a brilliant means of taking care of your body and mind during the warmer months and can also provide friends, couples and individuals with a rewarding and fun way to socialise, relax and get away from the stresses of work and home life.

What are some of the best summer treatments offered in California spas and what are the reasons those treatments prove so popular? To answer that, here are just three of them worth treating yourself to this summer.


Prepare Your Feet for Flip Flop Season

In California when the sun comes out so too do the flip-flops, heels, sandals and bare feet. Hence, summer is the perfect time to get a pedicure ahead of baring your toes on the beach.

More though, we often overlook our feet (no pun intended), taking for granted the day-to-day pressures they undergo to get us from A to B and never is this more true than in summer. In our winter boots and swathed in thick socks our feet are for the most part protected and kept cushioned and comfortable, despite the puddles they traipse through.

In contrast, the summer months are hard for our feet; heat causes them to swell, we often fail to adequately slather our feet in sun block or end up with it washing off when paddling or hitting the beach and by the end of the day it can definitely show, if we don’t already feel it. Hence, further to a pedicure, summer is also the perfect excuse to indulge in a foot message.

Maintaining a Sunny Disposition and Fighting Weather Damaged Skin

Spa days are often more popularly indulged during winter in the California. Quite simply, spa treatments and allowing one’s self to be a little be pampered now and then can help to fight off the winter blues and get through the cold and often blustery winter months. Then, in summer many winter spa goers shun the spa in favour of the beach or a spot of sun bathing in their own garden.

Because California summers are notoriously hit and miss and never without ‘the odd shower’ though, even if you save up your spa day trips to help you get through those rainy days, considering a summer spa day when the weather outside fails to impress is a sure fire way to avoid your mood turning dark along with the skies.

Further, with many of the California’s top salon, offering a range of treatments and facials aimed directly at helping to soothe, restore and recover both winter beaten and as well sun damaged skin, a spa day whatever the time of year should not only be viewed as a ‘once in a while treat’, but regularly indulged in; just as you regularly have your hair cut to maintain its shine, luster and health, so too should a person take equal care of their skin and body.


Getting a Truly Healthy Tan

Sunbathing is a much loved British pastime, but hours spent beneath the sun’s burning rays are not much appreciated by our poor skin. Hence, to free up more time this summer to instead spend with friends, get active or simply enjoy a summer stroll instead of lounging about letting our skin take the flack, folding away the sun lounger is definitely the best advice.

What’s more, foregoing or at least cutting down on the sun bathing needn’t mean foregoing a great tan. After all, so ditching the deck chair needn’t mean ditching your summer glow. Instead, if your aren’t already familiar with the plethora of tanning treatments offered by spas these days, now is the perfect time to do so. Just remember, avoid the tanning beds if you want to keep your skin happy, and most importantly healthy.

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