Practical Advice On The Use Of Essential Oil Diffuser

For many centuries people have used the art of aromatherapy. One of the best ways to get the most from essential oils is to spread them into the air. Ultrasound spraying of aroma oils through the essential oil diffuser is the most effective way.

This novelty is based on high-frequency (ultrasound 1.7MHZ) ceramic oscillation to convert a mixture of water and essential oil into a vapour. The essential oil diffuser turns the oil into microparticles, which are stored in air in a suspended state for several hours, destroying bacteria and viruses, and refreshing the air with pleasant natural flavors.

essential oil diffusersSprayed essentials acquire a new quality – its particles (less than 0.01 m in size) become electrically charged, and, therefore, are easier to settle in the airways, in the lung alveoli. Thus, its components immediately enter the blood and lymph, bypassing the stomach and liver, which is more physiologically effective.

This diffusion process provides a much greater therapeutic effect than heat-based diffusers that actually destroy all the beneficial properties of aromatic oils.

Such device usually have a stylish appearance, LED lighting and several modes of operation for your convenience.

Essential oil diffuser is absolutely silent, very easy to operate.

Moreover, this device will be a wonderful gift, which by the way is far from cheap. You should also thoroughly choose the essential oil, because they have different effects. Therefore, you need to consider your tastes and individual preferences. Applying this unit you will be able to choose atmosphere you wish to enjoy in your room: vivid or, vice versa, relaxing and calming environment.


Only pure essentials or its mixtures can be sprayed.

Do not use essential oils diluted with mixing oil or tangible massage lotion or oily mixtures.

After the procedure, do not ventilate the room so that the aromatherapy effect lasts as long as possible.

The duration of the course of treatment is determined by subjective sensations, confirming the improvement in the dynamics of the disease or complete cure.

Children are not contraindicated to be in a room aromatized.

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