5 Tips for standing out in a crowd

Those who want to stand out in a crowd and turn heads can follow the latest trends to look sharp with their appearance. Instead of going overboard with the style of your clothes just to get noticed, there are practical ways to look classy and get draw attention to yourself during the day. To look your best and enhance your appearance, there are a few important steps to take.

Incorporate a Statement Piece

At least one item in your outfit should stand out and make a statement with its design. Opt for wearing a bold necklace or a fedora to make your look appear complete and put together when you’re going shopping or are headed out for a lunch date. Avoid wearing more than one or two statement pieces, which can easily overpower your outfit and cause it to look too eclectic. You can also use the statement piece to draw more attention to certain features on your body.

Some people may prefer to use their handbag or briefcase as their statement piece with an accessory that is high-end or has currently been seen on the runway. Graphic clutches are one of the most recent trends to hit the fashion scene and are popular for their bold look. You can take an oversized clutch to the office or to a dinner party when you want to have a bit of fun with your wardrobe.


Wear Leather

Although leather has been seen on and off the runway for several decades, it continues to remain a popular material to use in the wardrobe and is considered to be high fashion. Opt for wearing a leather pencil skirt or a leather jacket when to add extra edge to your ensemble. You can even make leather look more feminine by pairing it with a blouse or a pair of tights.

Leather also works well with a pair of ripped jeans or knee-high boots when you’re hitting the town at night and want to make an impression with a rocker look.

Wear a Tone-on-tone Outfit

You can look sleek and modern with your style by wearing an ensemble that uses the same colour of clothing from top to bottom. Whether you want to wear all white or black, you can look professional and semi-formal with your style by sticking with the same colour tone with each garment that is used. You can even choose to incorporate a different pop of colour with your stilettos or handbag for added detail that keeps the look interesting.

Mens suits can also be the same colour with the button-up shirt, coat, and pants that are used with an outfit that can be worn to the office or to a wedding.

Use Playful Prints

The print that is used on a garment will ultimately determine the style of the outfit and how much attention you draw to yourself. Have fun with prints and patterns to create an interesting outfit that has more appeal. Opt for skirts that feature a large floral print or consider wearing a jacket that features a hounds tooth pattern when you’re in the office. Those who want to create a casual and light outfits can opt for pieces that feature a windowpane pattern or tattersall.


Incorporate Fringe

Fringe first emerged in the 1960s when hippies were seen wearing the detail for added movement with their attire. The style has reemerged in the fashion industry and is just as popular as it was in past years. Consider wearing a fringe jacket, purse, or a dress when you want to amp up your look. Fringe also looks just as good on shoes and boots, which will draw more attention to your feet. Stilettos with fringe are perfect to wear when you want to create a semi-formal outfit and are planning on attending an outdoor event.

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